Girl With The Red Dress On

Long time no post about my style, i hope can create this article using a english. Bismillah, today i attending a neighbor wedding. So confuse choose my dress, you know my neighbor is chinese and i want wear my dress make me natural, not same like the other wedding. And a wedding place near with my home...
Motif Kotak
And then, my brain calling and give a cool idea to me. "Wear a red dress, Cica!" and i'm unbelieve, why a red? for a minutes, i found the answer. Chinese identic with a red color and will a look adorable if i wear that.
Full Body
Many advantages wear a red dress, i think you agree with my opinions. First, look a adorable- second, a bright color- third, you look different from the others. How about you? same with me, or you have a other opinions
Look Up
Red Dress can be wear to everyday events, for a fun at work, a romantic feel at dinner, a rock party dress, to special occasions, and more. Are you thin, muscular or athletic . You must know information about a matching accessories, shoes and bags. Ask your friend, or family pick the right one.
Details of My Dress
The last, wear your red dress if it fit perfectly, and wear it with pride. You look adorable between your friends, have fun with your red dress and make other people happy see your style...Hoyyah!
Where your smile?
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